Alien Swarm Lite App Reviews

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this game is pritty sweet, but ya.. okay good job then :)

madman 24

cool games its like that one thats in the launderymat


Don't uplode worst app's free but...

Drop the price for full version

Ok I have had this lite version on my touch since it came out, and I would buy the full version in a heartbeat, but not for $4.99. Sorry, today I delete this free version. Drop the full game to $1.99 or .99 and I will buy it... As will others!!!

Has potential...

Has potential but would greatly improve the game if u added a joy stick and shoot button. Already better than the actual NAMCO® version.


I don't like not being able to control the shooting. Please add a way to manually shoot.


Love it! Lower the price and I'll own the full version.

Just like Galaga!

Good controls too.


I love it but I'm not sure to pay 5$ for the full part just like galaga! Wish there were more levels


Most like space invaders, I am looking for someing more like galtica. Where u shoot space ships and fight bosses. Good game if u like SI


This game is tight I would buy it but don't have money ha so buy it


It sucked so bad don't even bother to play it!!!


This is just like galaga it's so fun deff buy the full version

Fine application

This is a really fine app that has been put together by the developers. It reminds me of the "old school" type arcade games of years ago. My friends and I are looking forward to buying this app but would love to see if the developers would be generous enough to grant us with a Christmas Sale!! Good job guys and looking forward to more apps from the developers. Happy Holidays to the Apple community.

Looks good

Fun game but tie way too short but I'm definately buying it


It's ok because there's no eccitment it's boring

Too easy, short

Over in about sixty seconds without losing a life. A little too short even for a "lite" version in my opinion.

Fun game

The game looks and plays great!

Nice, But Not Very Challenging

The graphics are nice; the controls are great. The game LOOKS good, but as a long-time Galaxian fan I just think it's not very challenging at all. I've played this game several times, and have never lost even a single life. Either I'm just too advanced for this game, or the game is too easy. I'm sure it's the latter. I am reluctant to buy the full version if it is all this easy. Make it more difficult, please!!

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